Photo k-h krauskopf

Photo k-h krauskopf


I am born and raised in Copenhagen, Denmark and it was there my dancing started. Truth be told, I wasn't the one making the first move to start dance lessons. My mom was. But oh well, I did most of the moves since then.


After many years of classical ballet training I became curious of the possibilities of the body and the creative mind and that is what led me to contemporary dance.


When I was 18 I moved from one flat country to another - The Netherlands. Here I took a bachelor in Dance and officially I had a paper stating that "I am a dancer". A professinal one.


I am eager to keep on growing, discovering, creating, working

and yeah, plant a vegetable here and there.



Astrid Bramming


+45 28 55 14 03


Gammel Klausdalsbrovej 551


DK - 2730 Herlev

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